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You are invited to the water meeting, which will be held for the first time in Turkey between 14-20 August 2023!

Innerception Alchemy of Water, dives deep into the "water" element and brings together like-minded practices and practitioners to sing, dance, create and heal through the magic of water drops.

In this festival, where we will catch the rhythm with the immersive voices of Mose and Yemanjo, the Kutsal Birlik guides will be in the field. Harmonic Flow water therapy, music, dance, art and creation workshops, yoga, meditation, sound journey, ecstasy dance, Sufi teachings and Cacao ceremony circles, as well as many other healing activities will be organized.

In this festival, which will be held in the unique nature of Babakamp, the meeting of water, sound and silence, transformational movement, serenity, community and unity awaits you.


In August, we will meet around the water and in the

serene forest of Babakamp.


We are waiting for you at this sacred meeting

so as not to miss a single drop!







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