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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy  by Damla Yaku

Harmonic Flow-Aquatic Therapy

In the early 1980s, Harold Dull developed the Watsu technique. Watsu is a type of massage therapy applied to the body using the healing power of water. It is a combination of the words "Water" and "Shiatsu" (Japanese massage technique). Watsu technique, which has been proven to have many benefits for physical and mental health, has combined with other people's experiences and creativity in water over time, giving birth to water therapy techniques with different names. Aquahara, Janzu, Wataflow, Fly Deeper, Water Healing, Eternal Flow, Harmonic Flow..

Harmonic Flow is a water therapy technique developed by Damla Yaku. The Harmonic Flow technique aims to create deep relaxation through dance, music, massage, meditation and stretching movements flowing from the power of water. Harmonic Flow consists of still, fluid and dynamic movements.

The essence of all water therapy techniques comes from the "healing of water".

Along with the healing effect of water, water therapy helps to release emotional blockages while revealing the feeling of freedom that the body deeply needs.

Individual and Group Sessions

Water holds all the memory and wisdom of life, and water has a very high capacity to purify, release and live. It is a powerful element that is directly linked to issues such as creation energy, potentials, emotions, masculine and feminine energies. The water element is yin, feminine energy. It tells us about letting go of control, acceptance, and “constant change.” It dances with the unknown and feeds on it. This submission is her greatest strength. Harmonic Flow water therapy sessions benefit from these qualities of water and include stillness, flow and dynamism. Each session is a beautiful reflection of the constants of our lives. 🐬

Basically, Harmonic Flow sessions consist of three stages.

Above Water

In water therapy sessions, bands (floaters) are used on the client's legs to make it easier to stay afloat, and nose clips are used to hold breath and stay comfortably underwater.

The water therapy session first begins on the water surface. A water pillow can be used at this stage of the session. The water pillow makes it easier for the person to enter a meditative space and the theta wave level of the brain frequency. Thus, the nervous system can calm down and provide a powerful transition to the deep rest area. Since deep rest supports flow and breathing in the body, it creates space for muscles and tissues to relax and supports therapeutic applications. Along with the water pillow, music and instruments that support the session can be used and sound healing exercises can be done. In sound healing studies carried out in water, the person has a deeper experience with the relaxation and relaxation created by the water, as well as the sounds of instruments outside and under the water. Sound vibrations stimulate the energy centers in the person's body, helping to clear energy blockages and increase life energy (Prana, Chi). On the other hand, body stretching and massage techniques are also applied during surface water stages.


Depth in stillness.. After the period on the water surface, it begins to take the person under the water in stillness and for short seconds. The stillness here makes it easier for the person to feel safe, to move into a meditative space, and to get used to the underwater world. Harmonic Flow includes fluidity and dynamism as well as stillness. There are many techniques applied in underwater stage. Additionally, underwater stage can reveal symbolic meanings about a person's internal emotional states, subconscious thoughts or past experiences and it can connect the person with the memory of mother's womb. In this sense, underwater flows are a healing space for expressing and understanding subconscious emotional content.


Once the above and underwater flows are completed, the practitioner takes the person out of the water. This stage is metaphorically the first moment when the baby comes into the world. In this phase, which symbolizes rebirth, the practitioner tries to ensure that the person completes the water journey from a safe and compassionate place. It applies energy and massage exercises that will help the person ground his/her experience and connect with his/her body.

This stage can be shaped by the therapist's own creativity and skills. While music and instruments can be used, many things such as aromatherapy scents, incense and instruments can be included in this stage.

We find it useful to remember..

Harmonic Flow sessions can be applied in the pool, sea and natural water sources. The water in which the session will be shared must be clean and its temperature appropriate for the water therapy session.

Every Harmonic Flow session is different. Even if you have had a session with the same or different practitioner before, it is useful to let go of expectations. Trusting the flow will make the session process easier.

Harmonic Flow sessions can be applied surface of water or underwater with still, fluid and dynamic movements. The flow of the session is completely shaped by the receiver's needs.

It is important to communicate with the practitioner prior to the session to determine whether your intentions resonate with the practitioner. We recommend that you get information about water and the session from the practitioner before the session.

Asking the following questions before the session can facilitate the preparation process.

Where will the Harmonic Flow session take place?

What should I pay attention to before or after the session?

What is the session fee and how can I pay?

Can I have more than one session?

These questions can give you an idea of what the session will be like, and then you can determine if the session is aligned with your intentions.

For anything you are curious about or want to ask about water therapy, you can contact us via

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Individual and Group Sessions


Harmonic Flow water therapy can be shared as individual sessions or group sessions. Group sessions can be held with family members, friends or partners. Sessions held in this way have a very unifying and healing effect on relationships.

Water Therapy Turkiye


Damla Yaku created the Water Therapy Turkey water community with the Harmonic Flow trainings she shared in Turkey and many countries around the world. Hundreds of Harmonic Flow water therapy practitioners continue to share the healing of water in this family that comes together around the unifying power of water and supports each other. ​


We gather in Harmonic Flow trainings and festivals every year. We meet at retreats held in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Greece

 and Mexico. If you want to be a part of the Harmonic Flow Family, you are welcome to our family. 💙 ​


If you would like to attend future meetings, you can contact us via 

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Trainings, Festivals and Retreats