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We have been opening group session areas to all participants who want to experience Harmonic Flow water therapy at the annual

Kutsal Birlik retreats since 2021.

This year, we will meet again in the mystical nature of Kayaköy between 22-26 May!

This call is for you..

To create you together in Unity.

We invite you to remember the magic in sound, colors and movement and to be a part of a unique symphony.

All existence is expanding.

As winter gives way to a new, fresh spring, it seems like it is stretching, growing and flourishing. It reaches beyond, takes a deep breath once more, and opens the sweet blanket of sleep over it. Spring is on the tip of her nose, gently whispering her song:

"Now is the time for a new beginning, time to create in Unity."


If you feel the call of this transformational retreat in your heart,

You can reach us via @kutsalbirlik Instagram account or via e-mail address



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