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Harmonic Flow Water Therapy Basic and Advanced Level Trainings

Damla Yaku, continues to share basic and advanced Harmonic Flow sessions and trainings every year in Turkey and many countries around the world. Burcu Sevgi Genç and Azizcan Çamur share water therapy sessions and basic level Harmonic Flow training.

In Harmonic Flow training, a holistic retreat program is offered in addition to water practices. There are activities and shares such as yoga, meditation, sound healing, sound activation, music circles, dance, shamanic practices and artistic creation workshops. Trainings are organized in closed groups and all participants can stay comfortably and get in close contact with nature in retreat center.


At the end of these trainings, we share water therapy practitioner certificates with the participants according to the level of training. And who want to join in advanced level trainings, only the ones who completed and have a certificate from any water therapy basic level trainings can be accepted to advanced level training.

You can follow future trainings on the Training and Retreat Calendar page.

Harmonic Flow Water Therapy Advanced Level Trainings

Harmonic Flow Water Therapy Basic Level Trainings

Individual and Group Sessions

If you intend to open your heart to the healing and wisdom of water with the Harmonic Flow technique, you can contact Damla Yaku, Burcu Sevgi Genç and Azizcan Çamur.

Also, you can get information about individual or group sessions from practitioners in the water family.

If you would like to participate in future trainings, retreats and festivals, you can contact us via

@suterapisiturkiye Instagram account or via e-mail

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