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Burcu Sevgi Genç, started to share women's retreats, meetings and trainings in 2021. We came together with hundreds of sister and mother in this beautiful community. In these meetings, where many studies and practices are shared, Burcu and Damla open group sessions for all those who want to experience

Harmonic Flow water therapy.

This year, we will meet again with our sisters and mothers

on July 29-31.

This call is for you..

"Don't go to the forest." they said. "Don't go to the forest."

"Why wouldn't I go?" said the young girl.

"There lives a big wolf that eats people like you. He goes to the forest."

"This is my life, not a fairy tale. I have to go into the forest and meet the wolf. Otherwise my life will never begin."

Women Who Run with the Wolves

More strong.

More free.

More wild.

The creation of a deeper retreat that we feel alive in our hearts for a long time, and that time has come, women. Without make-up, without ornaments, without a mask. Open. Simple. Brave.

Welcome to the meeting of the Wild and Free.


You can get information about retreats, trainings and more via @disilindogasi Instagram account or via e-mail address



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