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Damla Yaku

Until 2019, Damla had worked in various professions such as English teaching, coaching, music, acting, and yoga instruction. In 2019, during her worldwide journey, her first stop being India, she encountered water therapy. Deeply influenced by her transformation during water therapy training. Damla spent about a year and a half offering individual sessions, group workshops, and training in water therapy in different countries around the world. She felt a call to share and introduce water therapy in Turkiye, she returned her homeland and began offering water therapy trainings, pioneering its spread in the country.

By establishing "Su Terapisi Türkiye" (Water Therapy Turkiye), she has trained hundreds of water therapy practitioners since 2020.

During winters in the countries she visits, Damla continues to learn and teach water therapy, while in summers in Turkiye, she shares her experiences in water, ancient plant knowledge, healing techniques, music and various art forms through her Harmonic Flow water therapy technique in workshops and retreats. Additionally, she creates spaces for women through the "Dişilin Doğası" (The Nature of Feminine) platform and collaborates with the "Kutsal Birlik" (Sacred Unity) team to organize retreats.

She also supports the organization of "Atlantis Call Water Retreats" in different countries, where participants connect with dolphins and underwater life alongside water therapy sessions.

While leading the spreading of water's healing and knowledge, Damla also facilitates music circles, sound activations, and physical practices to help individuals discover and share their authentic voices and talents. Through shared psychodrama/energy work, she assists people in exploring their true selves, subconscious minds, and unlocking their potentials. Damla also works with sacred healing plants, holds a space in sacred plant ceremonies. She continues to develop the "Harmonic Flow" water therapy technique, believing in the continuity of growth and innovation. She observes that her teachings are evolving and thus creates advanced training modules without adhering to any specific curriculum, continually adding new elements to her developed technique.

In her life journey, Damla has chosen to guide people in finding their authentic expressions, manifesting their creative energy, and remembering their essence, serving as a holistic healer and artist with all her heart. Alongside her healing spaces, she keeps her artist and musician side alive by composing songs, performing with various musicians worldwide and giving concerts.

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