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Damla, who works with water and sacred plants in different cities of the world every year and she continues to share her experiences with trainings, retreats and festivals. She shares to Advanced Level Harmonic Flow Practitioner Trainings for people who have completed basic level practitioner training and want to get deeper into water therapy with the Harmonic Flow technique.


Burcu Sevgi Genç, has been serving the journey of consciousness as a long-time student of yoga, meditation, water therapy, ancient healing arts and shamanism teachings and shares her gifts in retreats and online platforms for people to discover their authentic essence. Additionally, they continue to share Harmonic Flow Basic Level Practitioner Trainings together with Azizcan.

Azizcan Çamur, has been completed the advanced yoga training and received training in shamanism wisdom, Tao Vinyasana and water therapy; he presents his works with an interdisciplinary originality. He supports people's personal discovery journeys by giving trainings and lessons at various retreats and online platforms.


You can reach practitioners who have received Harmonic Flow water therapy training and share sessions in different cities on the @suterapisiturkiye Instagram account.


If you want to contact the practitioners in your city, you can send an e-mail to with the city you live in and the date range you want to receive the session .


We are here to support you on your water journey.

Water Therapy Turkiye

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